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Our simple rules for posting events: local only, G-rated, no spam. Please! Submit each event only ONCE. The calendar is moderated so your event will not show up immediately.

Note: We are aware of an issue where an error is thrown when you add an event. This only happens for some people, and we have been unable to duplicate it and therefore to get help in fixing it, however your event is saved when this happens so there is no need to enter it multiple times.

Entering Recurring Events: Recurring events are accepted for a period of one year or less. If your event goes beyond this period you may enter it again when the time comes.
 * When entering a recurring date the "From - To" date is for the FIRST event. Once you choose "Schedule Multiple Events" and pick "Weekly", "Monthly", etc. you will be presented with a "Series Ends On" field -- this is the date when the recurrance ends.


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Welcome to IthaCalendar. This is a free service of the Lansing Star Online.

Our Short and Simple Rules: This calendar is for LOCAL events ONLY, by which we mean events taking place in Tompkins County, New York.  ONLY local events will be approved for display on the calendar.  G-rated language only, please, and no spamming the calendar (there’s no point because spam entries won’t show up).

It’s Up To You: Because this is free we do not have staff to enter events for you.  So we ask you to enter them here yourself.  The calendar is moderated, so your event will not show up right away.  It may take up to a week before the next moderation, so enter your events early.